$1 - How To Have Your Local Business Stand Out Online 

Training for JUST $1 🤯🤯🤯!

Learn what is working RIGHT NOW for bringing traffic and new clients to local businesses using social media, google my business, websites, and other online strategies.

👉Are you looking to attract more customers and bring in more sales, and you know you should be using online tools, but not quite sure where to begin or focus?
👉Do you want to once and for all know how to stand out online so your right clients find you and come TO YOU? 
👉Do you want to know what social media platforms you need to be on to attract your ideal clients and learn WHAT to actually do on those platforms?
👉Do you want to know how to think about your website presence, and how to structure it to actually create clients?
👉Do you want to learn the basics about having an email list that nurtures and converts? 

Did you say YES to any of these? 🙋Then this training is for YOU. 

In this training we cover: 
  • How to represent your business online so your ideal customers come to YOU and are eager to do business (and tell all their friends about it)!
  • What are the SEO tactics that will give you ranked higher in Google, a notiecable uptick in traffic, and get more eyes on your website?  
  • ​Facebook strategy, FB and Insta Stories, Youtube, LinkedIn, Podcasting, etc... and what Platform does YOUR business need to be on and focus on? 
  • ​How to win on Instagram (hashtags, keywords, reels) so people find YOU, and are then eager to buy your services/products (HUGE for many small businesses) 
  • ​What needs to be highlighted on your website and how does it differ from your social media strategy? 
  • ​How to think about your newsletter, and why you need one 
  • ​Content Strategizing across all platforms to bring build TRUST, have people rave about you, and make more sales 
  • ​Branding best practices 
  • ​How you can (and need to) encourage your customers to tell the world about you, so you creating a raving fan base 
We  discuss nuts and bolts of HOW to do the strategies we discuss, and... 

​We  share hidden strategies you might not know of, and your competition probably isn't implementing
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